Where Does Your Collection Business Stand?

Famed writer, management consultant, and Professor Peter F. Drucker is quoted as saying “What’s measured improves”.  There is evidence of this statement all around us.  Whether in our personal lives or in business if we are serious about improvement, we first must measure.  We need to understand where we are at!

Don’t be misled into thinking that “Of course I know where I am at!”  Do you?  Understanding the factors that have contributed to your current state is the foundation on which improvement can be built.  To really identify and know the key factors can be a process, and if not previously identified, that process can take time. This process of evaluation and thorough understanding forces us to both reflect on where we are at, and allows us to ascertain where we wish to be.

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The Intelitech Group Expands its Analytics Reach with the Hiring of Russ Pachl

The Intelitech Group, a premiere analytics provider and consulting practice in the ARM industry, has hired experienced consultant to the industry, Russ Pachl as an Associate Partner. Pachl is joining The Intelitech Group as part of its mission to help agencies across the country work smarter through utilization of analytics and industry benchmarking solutions.

Pachl has more than 22 years of experience in the ARM industry. His most recent responsibilities were with Columbia Ultimate, the industry’s leading collections software and technology provider, where Pachl served in a variety of roles, including leadership of Product Management, software development, and quality assurance Throughout his industry involvement, Pachl has hands-on experience with the intricacies of daily agency operations.

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3 Keys to Motivate Staff

3 KeysA good manager understands that all people are not motivated the same way. Therefore, multiple types of motivators should be included in an organizations culture if they truly want to engage their staff and move their businesses forward. Although there are several ways to motivate a staff, I want to focus on three that can have the greatest impact and yet are often overlooked.

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Looking Back on Columbia Ultimate’s Art of Success Conference

AOS Recap pic

It was great to meet with our users and partners at Art of Success this year

Thank you to all of those that stopped by our booth or tracked us down during the conference. It was wonderful to meet with you. Here is a quick recap of some of the highlights from the conference:

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Business Intelligence: The Next Frontier

Analytics: The next FrontierNot too long ago, most astronomers and experts believed that the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe.  Beyond our own galaxy was an infinite nothingness – absent of warmth, stars, and light.

As telescopes have evolved, so too has our understanding as to just how large, detailed, and complex the universe really is.  In a very short period of time, our understanding of what lies in the universe completely changed.  And still – whether we knew about them or not, those stars and distant galaxies have always been there.  They did not suddenly appear.  Instead, our use of technology has opened our eyes to a truth that has always been there.

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