The Intelitech Group Expands its Analytics Reach with the Hiring of Russ Pachl

The Intelitech Group, a premiere analytics provider and consulting practice in the ARM industry, has hired experienced consultant to the industry, Russ Pachl as an Associate Partner. Pachl is joining The Intelitech Group as part of its mission to help agencies across the country work smarter through utilization of analytics and industry benchmarking solutions.

Pachl has more than 22 years of experience in the ARM industry. His most recent responsibilities were with Columbia Ultimate, the industry’s leading collections software and technology provider, where Pachl served in a variety of roles, including leadership of Product Management, software development, and quality assurance Throughout his industry involvement, Pachl has hands-on experience with the intricacies of daily agency operations.

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Making Smart Hires: 4 Steps for Getting the Right People

I recently heard a collection manager of a major collections organization tell me “You have to hire 10 collectors just to get one decent one”.  I have certainly felt that way before.  You hire someone and bring him or her all the way through the hiring process just to have him or her quit or fall short of expectations.  It’s a tough business; demands and stress are often high and some folks just don’t survive.  As a result, we are almost constantly in the hiring process.

Even with an increase in unemployment, many in our industry are still struggling with turnover.  Ensuring you are hiring the right person is the first step to keeping that employee.  If done right, you have hired the person with the right attitude and skill set for the position.  They understand their role and the expectations that have been set for them and are prepared to be successful. Continue reading