The Intelitech Group Announces Launch of StackUp, a Competitive, Reward-Based Collector Training Game for Collection Agencies


An entertaining way to train collectors in compliance and industry regulat­ions such as HIPAA and FDCPA as well as improve collector communication skills

Camas, Wash. – April 20, 2016 – The Intelitech Group, a premiere analytics provider and consulting practice in the ARM industry, today announced the launch of its latest collector training solution StackUp. StackUp is a game designed to help continuously train collectors in areas such as compliance, industry regulations, collection law, and communication skills in a fun and entertaining way.

StackUp offers collectors the ability to be trained while earning­­ certifications, cash prizes, and accolades as they compete against other collectors in the industry.

In addition to training collectors, the game will give agencies the opportunity to track test scores and collector performance, identify which subjects their team struggles with the most, and compare how their business and collectors “StackUp” against other agencies in the industry.

“We have found agencies and collectors have more enjoyment being trained through StackUp than traditional training methods” says Jason Houston, Associate Partner at The Intelitech Group™.

Current StackUp user Jesse Brixey, Director of Revenue Management, J&L Teamworks has already seen success utilizing the training tool, “collectors will find that they are having fun while learning a lot of beneficial information”.

To learn more about StackUp visit or call The Intelitech Group at 360.260.9780

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