The Art of Tanking: Preparing Your Collectors For The Future

For those involved in sports you are well aware of a tactic to improve the team that has become known as tanking. This approach means you essentially set your team up to lose or try to win less often in order to get a better position in the draft. Sometimes it is used to position your team to sign a high dollar free agent after the season. This approach has been met with varying degrees of success over the years. In 2011 a quarterback named Andrew Luck was projected to be the number one draft pick in the upcoming 2012 draft. Some NFL teams viewed him as a QB who could turn a team into a title contender. The only way to draft him would be to finish with the worst record in the NFL. That year a term was coined called ‘Suck for Luck’. Teams appeared to be losing games for the chance to be able to draft this franchise saving young man. The Indianapolis Colts won the draft by losing the season. In the NBA the Philadelphia 76ers have appeared to be tanking for years with no success to show for it up to this point. They are struggling to win games and don’t appear to be contenders anytime soon. In baseball the Houston Astros appeared to be tanking for several years. During this time they were stockpiling high draft picks and giving their young talent plenty of playing time. This strategy appeared to pay off after last season when they made the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. They are set up to contend for the playoffs for several years to come.

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The Intelitech Group Serves with Columbia Ultimate to Serve Local Community through Volunteering and Donations During Annual “Days of Giving”

Vancouver, Wash. – January 20, 2016 – Columbia Ultimate recently wrapped up its annual “Days of Giving” event for 2015, an initiative which focuses on supporting local philanthropic organizations that enhance the quality of life in Washington’s Clark County and the Portland Metro Area. In total, Columbia Ultimate associates volunteered over 145 hours to support Share Vancouver, Clark County Parks and Northwest Children’s Outreach in Vancouver, WA.

“Columbia Ultimate associates are a group of caring people who live and work in Clark County and Portland and who want to give back to those communities,” said Columbia Ultimate President & CEO R. Fred Houston. “We have a corporate culture of volunteerism, but our associates taking time during their busy days to participate are what truly drive our mission to support the community.”

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The Intelitech Group Updates Analytics Offering for Agencies Collecting Medical Debt

Camas, Wash. – The Intelitech Group™, a premiere analytics provider and consulting practice in the ARM industry, announced today it has updated its analytics offering in medical accounts receivable.  This update assists agencies that use The Intelitech Group’s premiere analytics services when collecting medical debt, by providing improved accuracy in knowing the ability and willingness of account holders to pay their debts.

The Intelitech Group tailors their analytics solutions to an agency’s specific needs by analyzing, consulting, and implementing best practice solutions. Their enhanced score helps in this process by leveraging their expertise with agency information to produce greater results.

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3 Keys to Motivate Staff

3 KeysA good manager understands that all people are not motivated the same way. Therefore, multiple types of motivators should be included in an organizations culture if they truly want to engage their staff and move their businesses forward. Although there are several ways to motivate a staff, I want to focus on three that can have the greatest impact and yet are often overlooked.

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Ontario’s PowerUp Collections Conference – Our Impressions

powerup logo

This year we had the privilege of attending PowerUp™, Ontario System’s collection conference.  Ontario® put on a great show and focused in a couple of specific areas.  One of the main areas of focus was compliance.

In addition to having several informative classes, Ontario® introduced some new technologies in the space to assist their clients.  They also continued their quest in cloud computing, again offering some pretty cool concepts that utilize new technologies for their existing clients.

Ontario® continues to be a partner with us and we look forward to many future opportunities with them.

Looking Back on Columbia Ultimate’s Art of Success Conference

AOS Recap pic

It was great to meet with our users and partners at Art of Success this year

Thank you to all of those that stopped by our booth or tracked us down during the conference. It was wonderful to meet with you. Here is a quick recap of some of the highlights from the conference:

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Business Intelligence: The Next Frontier

Analytics: The next FrontierNot too long ago, most astronomers and experts believed that the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe.  Beyond our own galaxy was an infinite nothingness – absent of warmth, stars, and light.

As telescopes have evolved, so too has our understanding as to just how large, detailed, and complex the universe really is.  In a very short period of time, our understanding of what lies in the universe completely changed.  And still – whether we knew about them or not, those stars and distant galaxies have always been there.  They did not suddenly appear.  Instead, our use of technology has opened our eyes to a truth that has always been there.

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