3 Keys to Motivate Staff

3 KeysA good manager understands that all people are not motivated the same way. Therefore, multiple types of motivators should be included in an organizations culture if they truly want to engage their staff and move their businesses forward. Although there are several ways to motivate a staff, I want to focus on three that can have the greatest impact and yet are often overlooked.

1. Honest Feed Back
Every employee should know the impact they can have on an organization and how their performance is perceived by management.  When people truly know if they are on the cusp of being fired or promoted it helps them to understand their place in the organization and allows them to set real goals for themselves.  This knowledge can improve their personal careers as well as your business.  It is hard to move forward if you don’t know where you are at.

2.  Regular Feed Back
A discussion with a manager should not be a big deal.  Sometimes as managers we need to remember that the number one thing we manage is people.  We need to encourage, teach, and instill a prosperous vision into those with whom we manage.  If we are sporadic in the feedback we give, conversations can be intimidating for employees, and we can’t expect positive change with time.

3. Intrinsic Feed Back
People need to know that what they do matters.  Instilling belief in individuals and letting them know the business trusts them, can go a long way in moving people to becoming the best employee they can be.  Every once in a while, try to have a discussion where critique is shelved and praise is offered.  All employees need to be complimented, and there isn’t anything more motivating to the majority of individuals, then knowing they are appreciated and the business they work for has the tools they need to be successful.

Organizations that have figured out how to offer honest, regular, and intrinsic feedback, have discovered a recipe for less turnover, more engaged and productive employees, and a staff and business motivated to become better.

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