Optimizing Your Skip Tracing Process

100px_networkWould you like to increase your right party contacts and always have the best contact information for your consumers at your collectors’ fingertips? Interested in reducing the costs associated with skiptracing automation? What if you could reduce or completely eliminate manual skiptracing by collectors? You can, right now, with multi-pass data scrubbing.

Traditionally, agencies initiate skiptracing processes once they have lost all phones or received a mail-return for a consumer; however, that route involves a time-consuming process of a collector opening a website and manually searching for contact information. Another common practice is to batch skiptrace accounts a single time at initial placement while others may have complete departments devoted to locating consumers with a combination of manual and batch skiptracing processes. The challenge is that these traditional methods are both costly and inefficient – there is a better way.

By using proprietary technologies in our solutions agencies can have complete control over when an account receives new data. These “data pulls” can be as simple as a global time-based schedule, for example: Day – 0, Day – 90, Day – 180 or a bit more complex by utilizing different intervals for various client groups. Our “trigger” technology can even look for events to happen such as an address going mail-return or an account losing all phones and these triggers can initiate a data pull as well, outside of the time-based schedule.

In addition to the time-based and/or trigger based data pulls we can also use triggers to utilize data that was received in the previous pull of data. For example, let’s say a new account is placed with you with what appears to be a good address and a scrub is performed at Day – 0. Since all is well, the best address from the skiptrace data was not needed, you send a letter to the address the client provided you. Now, let’s flash forward to Day – 5 when your letter comes back to you as a Mail-Return item. Using our trigger technology we can replace the now known bad address to the best address from the skiptrace data received on Day – 0 and re-request the initial notice. This saves you from having to utilize a secondary pull of data earlier than necessary!

Lastly, multi-pass data scrubbing is not limited to only skiptrace (locate) information. Throughout the lifecycle you continue to receive Updated Scores, Bankruptcy, Deceased, Cell phone indicators, and Message codes to help you identify Jr/Sr Situations, property ownership and more!