Getting the Most out of Data Services

100x100-data_servicesData data data. A key differentiator of a top performing organization is their ability to garner and then effectively harness relevant data. In our experience, there are very few organizations in the industry that don’t acquire outside data. After all, if you are relying strictly on the information your client provided you while your competition is reinforcing themselves with additional contact information on each account, it is going to be very difficult to compete. While obtaining outside information is considered common practice today, the scope and range of how that data is utilized could not be wider.

Some organizations still rely on their collectors to make manual look-ups a part of their daily job. Recent industry research estimates that this decreases an organizations bottom line and increases a typical organization’s total expenses by an average of 2 to 5 percent every month – with total expenses for some agencies greatly exceeding this figure. This does not even include the cost for the data itself.

As technologies have become more sophisticated, other organizations have looked towards more automated solutions that eliminate that wasted time and mitigate the risk of human error. Robust volumes of relevant data can be returned without requiring anything from the collectors, which in turn, enables them to better focus their attention on their primary role – collecting money.

Our solution takes this entire process even further and enables you the ability to make intelligent decisions all through an automated fashion. Our proprietary aScripting tool has continued to be developed over time and can be used to accomplish a diverse set of objectives.

Rather than waiting for a manual list to be compiled, what if accounts lacking valid contact information were automatically scanned with new information returned? What if mail-returned addresses could be automatically updated and new notices sent out without collectors or support personnel having to do anything? What if high risk or fraud accounts could be automatically removed from your collectors’ work queues, put on a review desk, or otherwise seamlessly cancelled and returned back to your client? Or you could tag or add memos to accounts where there is a junior/senior situation? aScripting can be set up to do all of these things in addition to so many others and is the most advanced logic in the industry for data services today.

It is clear that for those organizations looking to be at the top of their game, possessing data is no longer enough. It is the automatic interpretation, decision making, and execution of that data that differentiates the top from the bottom – providing you a maximized opportunity for greater lift while eliminating waste from your bottom line.

It’s a wonder why in today’s competitive and regulation-filled environment, all agencies wouldn’t be looking to employ those tools that will reduce risk and increase productivity. Our clients have that opportunity and the tools at their fingertips. We’ll continue to innovate and drive forward to ensure you have what you need to remain competitive in this ever evolving landscape and that we as an industry are able to thrive moving forward.